24 October 2022 | General

Supercheap Auto Bathurst International the perfect chance to introduce a new generation to the Mountain

Family and Mount Panorama go hand-in-hand, with traditions continuing through numerous generations.

The Supercheap Auto Bathurst International provides a chance to start new traditions and introduce the mystique of the Mountain or the first time.

Paul Jenner is an experienced camper at the Mountain after attending many events during the 1990s holding vivid memories of the early Bathurst 12 Hours where he woke up to the sound of cars buzzing around and the vision of headlights piercing the darkness across the top.

With these memories coupled with those of numerous 1000s and touring car sprint rounds spent with his father, Jenner was eager to replicate this with his family, with the Supercheap Auto Bathurst International providing the perfect platform.

“It’s going to be the first time with my kids,” said Jenner.

“I tried to line it up though COVID got in the way, but I’d like my kids to experience what I did at the 1000, 12 Hour and even a touring car sprint round during the 1990s

“For me it was always something my dad and I did, it was like our sanctuary. I’ve always said the Mountain is the drawcard, if that place was on a flat paddock, it would only be half as interesting.

“I grew up in Sydney and we sat by the fence up on Bitupave Hill at Amaroo Park, while at Oran Park we’d positional ourselves at The Dogleg, with the two great amphitheatres. You couldn’t build tracks like that anymore.

“To let my kids experience it as a family gathering and something we can potentially do annually is the main drawcard.

“Other sports like rugby league, you sit in an amphitheatre for 90 minutes then go home, but with this you can absorb a lot more right from the pits as well as other viewing platforms before camping at night.”

Jenner will be packing the bikes as he plans to explore the top of the Mountain from Reid Park to Forrest’s Elbow, while the freedom inside the pits where there will be signings and activations add a further attraction.

“I liked to build a tradition for it before my kids get old and it becomes ‘uncool’ so they still ask ‘can we go to Bathurst?’ Jenner explained.

“Being old school Touring Car Masters is going to be good just for the sheer noise. I haven’t seen the Trans Ams in real life yet, so I think those will be good. However, we’ve always been into karting and my son is aspiring to make it to Formula 1 so the S5000s we’re keen to see those go round the Mountain.”

A connection with one of Supercheap Auto TCR Australia’s rising stars ensures Jenner and his family will have someone to cheer for.

“We’re friends with Bailey Sweeny,” Jenner explained.

“He’s nearly a neighbour to us. He’s like my Bunnings chat in aisle three as he works there, so I get stuck in there for an hour chatting, debriefing and the like.

“Bailey is someone my son looks up to and if anything, I’d like my son to watch him in all of his kit, getting around the car, being the professional that he is and not just the guy I speak to at Bunnings.”

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